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            Welcome to University of Pets

Training and Behavior Therapy

Our mission is to provide affordable obedience training and behavioral therapy to dogs and their pet parents using compassionate and state-of-the-art techniques that are tailored to the unique needs of each dog and his or her family. Training your dog should be a FUN and POSITIVE experience. 

Private one-on-one instruction covers basic dog obedience to advanced obedience in and around the house, with on and off-leash control. We like to train with everyone that will be training the dog. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and solve basic behavior problems that the dog maybe having. After on-leash skills are mastered, you will learn voice control over your dog from a distance, hand signals, and distraction control. Many people fail to realize is that you can not work on a behavior "issue" if your dog does not know basic commands. We incorporate the command to "control" the behavior. 

Our  group obedience classes (Puppy, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced as well as click-a-magic trick are taught at various locations.)(See our calendar under services). We update the group training  schedule frequently. You may also contact us and let us know what classes you are looking for and the location and we will try to adjust the schedule. We schedule also includes seminars, local events and AKC Exams.

Are you too busy to train your dog? Or, just feeling like you need a little extra training help? We can do the training and have you step right in and take over the lead. 

University of Pets offers the Personal Trainer program - professional obedience lessons, in your home, two to three times per week, with a trainer. Please note that this is not a board & train program. Your dog stays at home while receiving lessons

so there is no stress of boarding, the trainer comes to you. You tell the trainer the level of obedience you would like to accomplish, and the trainer takes over from there - working with your dog while you work or play! As your dog gets the basic commands "under his belt", you will participate in private lessons to learn how to get the same behaviors from your dog. Lessons are goal-based, not time-based, but typically last approximately one hour or so, depending how long your dogs lasts. As with all  of our training programs, the training process is based on proven positive methods that teach your dog how to succeed, increasing confidence, calmness, and self control along the way.